Assessment of inventory management

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inventory management

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The Inventory Management Assessment Tool (IMAT) produces indicators to assess the effectiveness of record-keeping and stock management practices in a warehouse and provides suggestions for.

Our inventory assessments include the evaluation of strategies, inventory management systems, processes and procedures for new product and merchandise planning, forecasting demand and managing inventory to improve customer service and profitability.

Our inventory assessments include the evaluation of strategies, inventory management systems, processes and procedures for new product and merchandise planning, forecasting demand and managing inventory to improve customer service and profitability.

Inventory Management Assessment Tool (IMAT)

Advantages: Useful for calculating a baseline of inventory management and conducting follow-up evaluations in warehouses. L imitations: The tool is for evaluation, thus does not replace the need for operational monitoring in a warehouse.

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Our inventory management assessment tool simplifies the task of understanding inventory. Our assessment of inventory management will cover the entire framework across your organisation with a clear mandate of strengthening the inventory management process by focusing on the individual components, understanding the importance of each component and how to implement effective change.

Assessment of inventory management
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