Construction management coursework

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Construction Management Technology

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Construction Engineering Technology

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You can earn a bachelor’s degree in construction science, construction management, or project management. A master’s degree in management is an advanced business degree that can prepare you to oversee the operations and personnel of a construction company or a construction department within a company.

Aligning Coursework, Personal. CFCC is committed to providing clear and concise information to students, prospective students and the general public.

Construction Science - BS

False, erroneous or misleading statements about the nature of our education programs, financial charges or employability of CFCC graduates will not be tolerated by the administration. Construction management degree may prepare you for a career in construction management, cost estimation and more.

For more information, visit our website. Choose Kingston's Structural Design & Construction Management MSc. This industry-accredited course is tailored to civil and/or structural engineers wishing to become senior managers in both consulting engineering and contracting organisations, and is ideal for graduate engineers starting their career in the construction industry.

Overview On spec and on-budget. If you’re looking for a professional level job in the construction industry, quantity surveying – making sure projects meet legal and quality standards, and that clients get value for money – is ideal. The skyline’s the limit.

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Construction management graduates work in a whole range of leadership roles in the construction industry – from project management, to quantity surveying, estimating, contract management, scheduling, facilities management, property development and certification.

Construction management coursework
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CIT - Cork Institute of Technology - Construction Management (BSc Honours) (Level 8)