Managing a global team

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How to Manage a Global Team Successfully

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Managing Groups and Teams/How Do You Manage Global Virtual Teams

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Managing a Geographically Dispersed Team

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More and more CIOs find themselves managing global virtual teams. The European members of CIO's Executive Council have pulled together a playbook of best practices.

Managing A Global Team Team 6 In the “Managing a Global Team” case study, Greg James is the global manager at Sun Microsystems, Inc. who provides companies with complete information technology solutions. And Daniel gained more information about Theo and Angela, which would help him manage the team more effectively in the future.

Technology and the Connection Challenge. The modes of communication used by global teams must be carefully considered, because the technologies can both reduce and increase social distance. The most challenging aspect I've encountered with managing a global team is the time zone differences.

We have only a few hours of each working day that overlap between our two teams. Global teams are nothing new, but the challenges of a widely dispersed team are ongoing. Here are 7 tips to bridge the gaps that come with being a geographically and culturally diverse team.


Managing a global team
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