Msc water resource management coursework

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Water Resources and Environmental Management

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Water Resource Management (Coursework), M.Sc.

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MSc Water Resource Management(Coursework)

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MSc Water Resource Management(Coursework)

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MSc in Water Science, Policy and Management

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Distance Learning Water Resources Management Degree Programs. Get info about online programs in water resources management. Read about program requirements, course topics and degree levels, as. The Water and Environmental Management MSc provides training in the core scientific, technical and interdisciplinary skills that are essential in water resource and environmental management fields.

Water Resources Management.

Study Water Resources Management and Hydrology Online

drive real-world water management decisions and develop a robust skill set in key analytical techniques relevant to water resource management. To complement this core curriculum, you’ll work with your faculty advisor to choose coursework within an area of specialization aligned with your specific career.

Academic Requirements. Before application for admission to the MSc (Water Resource Management) degree programme candidates must be in possession of a four-year degree qualification, BScHons or equivalent degree status which includes appropriate subjects in water management and/or water ecology.

The course is ideal for graduates wishing to develop the expertise needed to solve environmental water management problems. It is designed to complement and expand your existing knowledge of science, policy and practice, making it suitable for students from a range of backgrounds.

Master of Science in HRD This taught Master programme is offered by the Faculty of Cognitive Sciences and Human Development and is especially targeted at working professionals.

Courses are conducted after office hours and are designed to upgrade knowledge and skills among professionals in the area of human resource development and management.

Msc water resource management coursework
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Masters (coursework-based) Rivers and Wetlands