Psychological contract theories of managing

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The Psychological Contract

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The Relationship between the `Psychological Contract' and `Employment Relations'

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Psychological Contract Theories of Managing. Luiz, Bruno de Paula Organization Behavior – Professor Joe Chevarlley Page 1 Personal Application Assignment– Theories of Managing People A.

What is your own theory of management? You can describe it in words or draw it as a model. Delivers Engaged Employee Delivers Superior Performance Organizational and Individual Targets Luiz, Bruno de Paula Organization Behavior – Professor Joe Chevarlley Page 3 B.

Based on your theory of management and today’s environment, answer the following questions: a. The psychological contract is different from a legal contract of employment which will, in many cases, offer only a limited and uncertain representation of the reality of the employment relationship. The legal contract refers to a written agreement about the mutual obligations of the employer and the worker.

The Psychological Contract only really came back to prominence in the s as a result of the economic downturn which led to mergers, restructures and down-sizing while before that it was kept a low profile during the 70’s and 80’s.

Psychological contracts are important to management scholars and practitioners because they influence how individuals think, feel, and behave in organizations, thus providing the basis for coordination and cooperation among employees, managers, executives, and business owners.

Psychological contract theories of managing
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The Psychological Contract