Rethinking project management

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Rethinking project management – Did we miss marketing management

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The Next Generation Program Management Office (PMO) Isn’t a Cost Center — It’s a Value Center

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We are delighted to welcome Ashgate Publishing and Gower books into the Taylor & Francis Group. It then describes the research on evolving the practice of project management, research performed by a group called Rethinking Project Management, a group funded by the United Kingdom's government.

Accompanying this article are two sidebars: one lists six skills defining mature project. suggest rethinking project management, marketing and selling the project management within the organiza- tion, project management support, and project management education.

R ecently, the project. The paper draws on the aims, process and outcomes of the Rethinking Project Management Network, including the discussions that took place over its duration within and outside formal meetings, and on a number of joint initiatives among us, the authors of this paper, which resulted from our shared interest in methodologies and concepts relevant.

Despite the accomplishments of esteemed project management researchers and practitioners, the field is still greatly undervalued by executives and university programs worldwide. One reason is that th. PSMJ: Rethinking Project Management The PSMJ Project Management training program, created specifically for managing the design of building and infrastructure projects, is .

Rethinking project management
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