Sport operations management

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Sport Management (M.S.)

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Academic Programs

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Diplomas and Degrees

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Welcome Pennsylvania coaches! The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) and Pennsylvania State Athletic Directors Association (PSADA) have partnered with Human Kinetics Coach Education to endorse the PIAA/PSADA Coaches Education Program for all interscholastic coaches in Pennsylvania.

The PIAA/PSADA Coaches Education Program includes the sport-neutral courses.

Sport Facilities And Equipment Management In School Sport

Sports Facilities Advisory is the leading resource for planning, funding, opening, and management of sports complexes.

Contact us today for more info. Sport facilities of all shapes and sizes are an ingrained part of global sport management culture. As such, it is inevitable that students who enter into the field of sport management will interact with the management and operations of a sport facility at some point during their career.

This book is published with the sport management lecturer and student in mind. Despite increased participation opportunities for girls and women in sport, they are underrepresented in leadership positions at all levels of sport.

Role of Government in Sport in China. Before the s the Chinese sport governance system was a huge state-run enterprise. The Chinese government was responsible for funding and overseeing sport-related affairs and operations under a centrally planned, hierarchical economic system (Jones, ).

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Sport operations management
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Sport Facilities And Equipment Management In School Sport